Model observability
built for scale
From missing values to concept drift, Superwise makes sense of models in production, so teams know when models misbehave, what happened, and what to do next.
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"We use Superwise on a daily basis to get transparency and detect drift and model decay. Enabling us to better understand changes, connect them to real events and data bugs, and make better decisions and move even faster than before."

Ohad Hegedish
Data Scientist
Superwise was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in the 2020 "Enterprise AI Governance" report.

"Today, we use Superwise to monitor over 6K metrics in real-time. Giving us control over our dynamic business and peace of mind that we’ll always know about unwanted issues."

Paz Aviv
Product Lead  

Superwise was highlighted as an MLOps solution vendor in Forrester's 2020 “Introducing ModelOps to Operationalize AI" report
"By selecting Superwise we can ensure accuracy and efficiency of our data science efforts."

Aviad Klein
Director of Data Science
Superwise is part of the NVIDIA inception program.

It takes a village
to raise a model

ML requires a multidisciplinary approach throughout the entire lifecycle, including model observability and monitoring. The Superwise platform empowers all AI stakeholders to get answers quickly, collaborate seamlessly to resolve issues and keep models healthy.

Shorten the time to detect and resolve anomalies and optimize your models with data-driven insights and a production-first approach.
Easily integrate with your MLOps and DevOps stacks and streamline infrastructure health and orchestration troubleshooting.
Get ahead of the delayed feedback loop and pinpoint early indicators of prediction, performance, real-world, and ROI changes.
Risk &
Crack open the black box and drill into ML decision-making processes to understand where models meet segments, bias, and business risk.

Automated observability
without the alert fatigue

Leave the repetitive and time-consuming work to us. Superwise will auto-calibrate metrics and group and correlate events so you can easily see when models misbehave and accelerate time to resolution.

Get full visibility in zero time with automated metric discovery giving you out-of-the-box metrics tailored to your models.

Immediate visibility

See through statistical noise with anomaly detection and focus on real-world issues.

Smarter analysis

Streamline root cause analysis with Superwise incidents and zero-in on grouped issues and correlated events.

Faster resolution

Trigger preventive action with the self-service monitoring policy builder before models impact business decisions.


Any model, any platform
integrated into your existing stack

Superwise is an open platform and integrates with any ML stack and connects to your choice of communication tools. Want to take it further? Superwise is API-first, and everything (and we mean everything) is accessible via our APIs.

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