Model observability
doesn’t need to be hard

Superwise's ML observability platform is fully automated to deliver insights across the inference flow and help teams easily monitor and improve models.

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Enterprise-grade capabilities
wrapped in a self-service platform

High-scale operational AI is all about risk management, rapid iteration, and continuous improvement. No one has time nor patience for endless alerts, much less the bandwidth to investigate every anomaly. With Superwise's production-first insights and automations, you can easily see through the noise and zero in on what matters.

metric discovery
Superwise automatically discovers and computes an extensive set of metrics for each data entity in your dataset. Giving you out-of-the-box visibility into model activity, integrity, distribution, drift, and performance without any manual configuration.
Our anomaly detection takes our metrics to the next level by continuously mapping their spatiality and temporality. Letting you slice and dice model behavior across segments and versions, seasonality, and identify changes in real-world behaviors.
Context is key when it comes to swift resolution. Superwise correlates and groups anomalies into incidents to deliver a big picture overview of why models are misbehaving. Giving you everything you need to quickly pinpoint casualty and resolve issues faster before they impact your business.
policy builder
Superwise provides a flexible monitoring policy builder that lets you dynamically express what you want the platform to scan and monitor for on an ongoing basis. With Superwise's policy builder, you express conditions, and the platform automatically applies thresholds to metrics and features.

To close the communication loop, policy violation alerts can be sent to any combination of channels your business uses and inform your teams to take action.

Superwise works
with your ML stack

Superwise is an open platform - we're model and platform agnostic and 100% API-first. You can access any part of the platform with our APIs, giving you complete control over logging, triggering processes, and even extracting trends to reflect them in your organization's BI tools.

Low code

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