The Superwise

Gain visibility and control over your models in production to efficiently scale your AI operations

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Align Everyone
on How Your AI Is Doing

Data Science

Spend less time maintaining models and get continuous insights from inside production


Be sure AI models are making the right decisions
independently and transparently


Trust your AI-based decision making processes, gain confidence and see better business results

Our Advantages

Model Health Analyzer

The Superwise Platform correlates all KPIs and events to forecast their expected impact on your AI model’s overall health -- distilling all data, events, and insights into a clear, consolidated view.

Smart Alerts

Detect and diagnose changes in behavior, and set custom alerts to always know when your models need your attention.

Automated Weak Spot Detection

Automatically detect subsegments of the data where your models underperform or develop unwanted biases.

Rich Model Analytics

With a rich set of embedded KPIs, and high resolution, you can analyze your data at the segment level, and compare various model versions & components during different time periods.

Achieve AI Explainability

Understand the “Why” behind AI behavior, seeing the exact factors that impact your model’s decisions.

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Hit the Ground Running

Leverage an extensive toolbox. The superwise solution automatically configures itself to monitor your models, using built-in knowledge and analytical engines to instantly discover features, generate KPIs and set thresholds.

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